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Shalom Y’all,

My name is Moshe Davidow and this is my blog!

Service2Profit is my company as well as a way of life for me. I believe that great service is a Win-Win situation, and I am a firm believer in Customer Centricity. By focusing on truly answering our top customer’s needs, we will actually be maximizing our profits.

In this blog I will vent about my service experiences, explain what upset me so much and why, and give a brief prescription of how managers could prevent such mishaps in the future.

Customers will be able to freely commiserate; Managers will be able to learn what really upsets the customer, and how to prevent the same thing from happening in their companies.

If I did not complain (allow the company to share it’s side of the story), I will not identify the company other than their industry, so that readers will be able to understand the context of the blog. It is not my intent to punish these companies, simply to tell it like it is. However, if I complained, and the complaint was still not handled well, I will feel free to name the company.

Customers are not always right, but then, neither are companies. We both need to learn to live with each other. Service is not about right or wrong or blame and pointing fingers. Service is about solving the problem (whether we caused it or not) and helping out a customer, because that is what we do. Service is all about helping other people, otherwise why do it?

I live and work in Haifa, Israel so that most of my examples are from Israel. I also travel abroad so I am sure that at least some of my examples will be from other countries. They will all deal with service, so that people should be able to relate to the service context. The blog will be written in English, as it is my mother tongue, and an international language. Comments can be written in Hebrew or in English, as I am fluent in both.

I teach at several universities and colleges in Israel and do research into services and service recovery. I also do consulting and executive seminars. In a previous lifetime, almost 25 years ago, I set up and managed Israel’s first customer service department at the Elite food company in Israel. It was a dream come true, and I was able to show an ROI of 177% in complaint handling. I then went on to study my doctorate in service quality and marketing at Texas A&M University with Len Berry and the rest of the incredible faculty and staff there.

My dissertation was on “Organizational Responses to Customer Complaints”, and I developed a complaint management model based on my managerial experiences. I returned to Israel in 1998 determined to make a difference by educating the next generation of managers in the necessary tools to deliver quality service.

I am very active in the international service world, attending conferences, reviewing research papers and just talking with my colleagues about exciting new trends (the 80/8 principle, anyone?) that are happening worldwide. I can be reached at moshe@service2profit.com and I would love to hear from you, either commenting on my blog, talking service in general or just sending me an e-mail. You may also check out my LinkedIn profile, and even connect with me there.

Please enjoy the blog and let me know what you think!

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